Queen Bey

So... Today I bought a Beyoncé concert ticket. Yup. I got up at 9.30am and bought two tickets for Friday 28 February 2014 off her website. It was the most easy ticketing purchase I have ever made. And I mean that in the physical sense. Like actually clicking through the website. Nothing stood in my way.

Buying tickets for a concert is a pretty big deal to me. I rarely do it. In fact, I can count on one hand how many concerts I've been to at age 22. WTT; Miguel; Chime for Change & Beyoncé. Pretty sure that's it. Chime for Change wasn't even a proper concert tbh. So, yeah. Slightly in a daze right now.

Still, it had to be done. She released a new album out of the blue on Friday morning - UK time. 14 songs and 17 music videos. Beyoncé apparently "sees" music. Whatever. Point is, the album is simply amazing. I do not hate one single song, although 'Haunted' needs to grow on me. Can't wait for the Queen to perform these new songs. This is the era I went from FAN to STAN. Won't get involved in the Beyhive, though. Those bitches be cray.

February. Yup.

September Stumbles

The heading refers to change. A lot of change is going to occur this month, which is a good thing especially as this is my favourite month of the year. Speaking of 2011, so much has happened. From the personal change of finally leaving college/A Levels to the Arab Spring with all the uprisings in the Middle East. What about the last Harry Potter film coming out? Or the London Riots in August where the city was a smoking mess? The anniversary of 9/11 was also only a few days ago. It's been 10 years. 

I digress. The first stumble is the fact I'm going to university this year. Brunel University actually, to study Politics & History. I can't wait to finally start this new chapter in my life. It's a year late, but I'm still very much so excited. Not so much Freshers' Week and really the first month of university life, but thereafter. I finally know what I'm doing in the near future. Anything beyond the next 3 years is a blur. I don't know what it consists of; a blank page, an empty road etcetc. Still, hopefully, these next few years will be both challenging and fulfilling. Hopefully.

The next stumble is my birthday. I'll be turning 20 years old. My teenage years are officially over. My age will never start with "1" ever again. It's over. My twenties are the only way forward now. 

I'm petrified. 

But, I'll have to suck it up, I have no choice and time moves so fast. It's already September. 

In other news, I'm currently reading "The Wise Man's Fear", the next book in the KingKiller Chronicle series by Patrick Rothfuss. The book came out in March but I wanted to wait until it came out in paperback (November) but I couldn't do it, especially after I started reading "The Name of the Wind" again. I needed the next one straight away, so I bought it online.

Student Loans should be coming soon, and I'm getting way more money than I actually need. I say this aloud, and people think I'm insane. I don't need all that money; I'm going to buy so much junk.

Still obsessed with Adele. Add: Ed Sheeran and JCole.

My next update will probably be directly from my university-self. Can't wait.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II review

Okay, so I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II in cinema yesterday. I'll preface this by saying I liked it a lot. It may even be my favourite depending on the re-watch. I should also say that I've been reading Deathly Hallows leading up to the film, and so bits that would probably have been bypassed by some people, I picked up on. Finally, Part I and Part II must be seen together; this is mainly because Part II picks off pretty much exactly where Part I finished, and so the switching of hands were done really well, in my opinion.

Given that Part II clocked in at 2hr30, the film was well paced and I felt nothing was rushed (which for a Harry Potter film is not always the case) and time went unnoticed. Saying that, I would argue that the film is "top-heavy" in that the first third was much better than the last. The Gringott's scene was spectacular and more than I hoped for. However, I have major issues with the final stages of the Hogwarts battle at the end. I can't tell if this is because I've read the book so recently or if that particular scene was incredibly over-hyped or just that I can't separate the book from the film in this scene. Probably a culmination of all 3 reasons. The biggest reason I dislike the scene is because of the location of the battle itself. In fact, I know that's why I hate it, as it subsequently changes the subtext and underlining meanings of the whole battle. It was supposed to take place in the Great Hall; why why why didn't it take place in the Great Hall?! The whole point of it was so that Harry would be surrounded by his loved ones whilst finally battling Voldemort and he would state to Voldemort that he can't touch anyone because Harry already died for them, thus creating a full circle of the story all the way from the Philosopher's Stone with Lily Potter dying for Harry. I felt that the battle was more about Harry versus Voldemort rather than Good versus Evil, and whilst the book got the balance right between these two concepts, the film didn't. It makes for a good film from the director's point of view, though. 

I cried a lot; pretty much from Fred's death onwards (including Snape "The Prince's Tale") but amazingly I cried the hardest at a part that wasn't even in the books to begin with. It was when Harry was heading to the forest but Ron and Hermione stop him and realise that Harry's about to give himself up and Hermione says, "I'll come with you." Urgh, tears forever. In fact, the added scenes to this film actually enhanced the film and not detracted from it, which is a massive compliment considering who wrote these books. For example, this specific scene may have been in the book and it would've added to the awesomeness. It was a really good idea!

Overall though, I adored it (the Gringott's scene is one of the best in the whole series) and I can't wait to buy the boxset so I can watch all the the films back-to-back in the comfort of my own home.

Other thoughts:
--Plot-hole 1) Harry's wand is left unexplained. We know it gets broken in Part I and he's supposed to fix it with the Elder Wand but he doesn't and instead SNAPS the fucking Elder Wand. Good grief. 
2) Dumbledore's backstory is left completely unexplained and thus leaves him in a bad light throughout the film. Nothing about the links to Godric's Hollow and nothing on Dumbledore's seduction of power (Hallows) and how he blindly led Harry to find them. 
3) Didn't explain why when Hermione as Bellatrix in Gringott's wouldn't hand in her wand even though she had it to the goblins. In the books, this was because the goblins knew Bellatrix's wand was stolen and they know she was an imposter.  
--Michael Gambon killed Dumbledore. There, I said it.
--I loved Voldemort's voice speaking into everyone's heads. Sounded so sinister.
--The cinematography of this film (and really the series) is unparalleled. I love it so much.

Harry Potter Premiere

 Okay. I haven't posted on here for ages, and I promised myself that I would this year. This is only my second livejournal post since January and it is now July. Not good enough. 

Still, the reason I'm writing a post is nothing really to do with my life personally, but rather a phenomenon that has come to an end. So I felt I had to write down what happened yesterday. Yesterday, 7th July 2011, the anniversary of the 7/7 attacks, was the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II premiere in London. The last one. I didn't go. I wish I had. For the first time in 10 years, it didn't rain at the time of the premiere. A break of tradition which I don't know was a good thing or not. It was actually raining until the premiere started, so it could be said we had both sides of the coin and in that way were lucky.

It went as expected. The stars turned up, and they looked fabulous. The Holy Trio plus Severus Snape aka Alan Rickman got the loudest cheers. That was until the lady herself turned up, of course Queen Rowling. As Dan Radcliffe stated, "I've just been trumped."

Fashion-wise, Evana Lynch (Luna Lovegood) stole the show. She wore a beautiful ivory-white dress that was simple and elegant. The dress matched her age. I wish I could say the same for Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley). Emma Watson wore a white gown also, and it was her Cinderella moment. I wasn't crazy about it at first, but it grew on me. Dan wore a traditional grey 3 piece suit that was perfect. He looked gorgeous. He should perhaps pass on his stylist's number to Rupert Grint, however.

Once the stars came and talked to the presenters (Sky 3D *rollseyes*), I wasn't expecting much else. Until the colour guy, who was super annoying ("Lune Lovejoy" - siriusly) said to expect something on the main stage. Lo-and-Behold, they were going to talk to us! By 'they' I mean the CEO of Warner Bros'; two producers of the whole series David Heyman and David Barron; the director of the last 4 films, David Yates; scriptwriter Steve Kloves; the Holy Trio and JK Rowling herself. It was a beautiful surprise. They each had a go at the microphone, and I guess it started to get emotional when David Yates said this film was the last chapter of Harry Potter and the crowd boo-ed and it was Dan Radcliffe who said Harry Potter will never end. It was an amazing moment, said by Harry Potter himself and it was extra significant too because over the last few years it felt as if Dan was pulling himself away from the whole shebang, but at this moment he embraced it, along with the thousands in the crowd and the millions watching around the world. His speech was inspiring, yet when he made a faux-pas of his own by saying he got "very, very lucky" when he was 11 it was Emma who voiced, "No Dan, you were and are the perfect Harry Potter and will be forever." As you can guess, it was Emma's speech that broke us all down. She was just so sincere in her words and when she spoke to Jo directly, she broke down with the rest of us. Rupert killed us all when he told Dan and Emma that he loved them. 

At this point, I was sniffling and wiping escaped tears but, as expected, it was Jo's speech that targeted the heart. For some peculiar reason, I stopped breathing when whilst Jo was thanking the fans, the crowd chanted back simultaneously, as if this was all practiced "thank you, thank you". It was then that I was a goner. 

I've written this down because I want to remember how I felt that day, and I want to remember it forever. The sun shone down on what should be a celebration but can also be construed to some of us as a closed chapter on our childhood. I suppose that will happen on the 15th July but I will NEVER forget Harry Potter and what it did for me, until the very end. I leave you with this quote - 
"Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home." - JK Rowling

2011; already

 Right, this is now one of my key New Year Resolutions. I want to try and update this journal and keep it as active as I possibly can. I created this account for the sole purpose of joining Paramore's LJ community, but now that I think about it, this place is more than that. It holds a lot of people that I respect on it and I just want to be active here.

It's also a good way to keep a Diary. I don't really have the time or the effort to hide a literal Diary in my room and keep it secret. However, something like an online journal may just do the trick. Problem is of course, that I'm a very boring person. Truly. Nothing extraordinary happens in my life. Oh, that reminds me, an introduction is needed here. Ahem;

Hello, my name is Amira Gudaal. I'm a 19 year old college student hoping to go off to university September this year. I live in London, England, UK and, I think, am a generally nice person.

Well, that's enough I think. Maybe I'll do a list of 6 things I want to achieve this year, just to give me a guideline:

1) Be successful and get myself into university the second time round. (Don't ask.)
2) Eat far more healthily and think before I put things in my mouth. Do not eat for the sake of boredom; it'll ruin everything.
3) Update this LiveJournal.
4) Make new friends. I like people, just not pushy people.
5) Write some fanfiction. (I've been saying this for years. Actually, I'm supposed to be doing my English coursework right now, but I'm not motivated enough. Creative juices, WHERE ARE YOU?)
6) Smile more and keep eye contact when talking to people. I'm not particularly shy, but I find I can't hold people's eye contact very long because I always look away.

Okay, well, I hope to update this soon.

Reading right now: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (again again again)
Listening to right now: Lupe Fiasco's 'The Show Goes On'; Billie Holiday's 'Strange Fruit'; Adele's 'Somebody Like You'